Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my partner doesn't want to do coaching? 

It is SO typical to be greeted with a big ol' "NO!" when we get motivated to work on our relationships and suggest to our partner that they attend a relationship course, counselling, or coaching.

This can be incredibly disheartening, unpleasant, and depressing. It can make you feel even more trapped than you did before you raised the subject. I'm sending you a lot of love.

In my personal experience, I've discovered that many partners react to the idea of coaching based on the narrative that they believe: "If we need coaching, you think we are broken... you think something is wrong with us... you think something is wrong with ME and want someone else to fix it... but we aren't broken... we're fine... I'm fine..." 

If you approach your spouse with enthusiasm, informing them right away that you adore them and are incredibly eager to learn how to love them even more and strengthen your connection with them. If you express to your partner how motivated you are to take care of your gorgeous relationship, it can help to change how you look at working with a coach.

Why not give your relationship that type of compassion when we hire trainers, teachers, and coaches in SO many other aspects of life to grow in whatever that thing is? Our health and happiness are directly correlated with the calibre of our connections. The ideal justification for giving your love your all.

Fear of judgement, shame and worry is another typical issue that people have. 

Talking about your relationship with a complete stranger could feel vulnerable especially if you're not used to sharing what you're feeling.  We all have difficulties in our relationships, it is a fact. Coaching is a judgement free, empathetic environment, and I'm here to support you in whatever way that makes you feel safe secure. It is worth noting that I do not take sides, I am here to both help you see each other as allies and not enemies.  You can discuss this with your partner while assuring them once more that you are not searching for a coach with whom to compete AGAINST them. something you desire to advance jointly.

If you try this strategy and your spouse is still uninterested, it's a strong response to praise them for being honest, NOT to shame or guilt them, and then to let them know that perhaps you'll check in with them again about it. If you'd like, you may schedule a free discovery call with me to talk about your goals and the possibilities available.

Do you work with individuals?

Simple answer: Yes! I work with a whole range of issues, not just relationships. 

What do we do in a coaching session? Will it really work?

I will lead you and your partner through various techniques to examine what isn't currently working in your relationship, but more importantly, we will focus on the answers for the majority of the time. I will help you both articulate your needs, learn how to meet each other's needs, listen to each other in a completely new way, and connect on a deeper level. I have over 50 tools at my disposal. Together, we will move through any obstacles in your relationship! Relationships and how to make them function well have a science to them. My research-based tools will make you really stand out! Most couples are unaware of the enormous possibilities and have only just begun to explore the potential in their relationships. 

Every session should leave you with more knowledge, awareness, and connection, is what I aim for. Regarding the future of your relationship, you'll feel HOPEFUL. I frequently hear during sessions, "I never knew you felt that way" , "I feel like you really get it for the first time ever" , "We haven't had a big argument in weeks!"

The first time I see a couple, there is frequently tension between them. However, by the second or third session, they may even appear on the zoom screen laughing, grinning, and sitting close to one another—feeling connected! I want you to go away from each session with more knowledge, awareness, and connection. You'll have HOPE for the future of your relationship. 

I commonly hear statements like "I never knew you felt that way" and "I feel like you really get it for the first time ever" during sessions. I also hear "We haven't had a big argument in weeks!"There is typically conflict between a couple when I first see them. But by the second or third session, they might even be laughing, smiling, and sitting close to one another on the zoom screen—feeling connected!

How many sessions is needed?

For individual counselling that depends on you and what you are looking for. sometimes it can take a few weeks to a month to feel as if you are making a lasting change but everyone is different. I would recommend at least 6-8 sessions and then reviewing it as we go along. Each session lasts for 45 minutes.

If you are coming for marriage counselling, I would recommend 12 sessions which would be personalised to the issues presented. Each session lasts for 80 minutes.

Some of my tools are essential and necessary for every person and couple to have!  Additionally, as we travel together, I will bring in any additional resources that make sense given your particular needs and goals. I'll keep in touch with you throughout the road to make sure I'm giving you the best help I can! 

I will have a roadmap for you and am sending you so much love, no matter where you are in your relationship path.

If you're sick of fighting, going round in circles and not getting anywhere? I understand.

Or if you're feeling disconnected, like roommates rather than lovers, I get it.

I understand it's hard if you're attempting to mend, pick up the pieces after adultery, and save your relationship.

Are you thinking about getting a divorce or breaking up and are willing to give it another shot? I am here. 

If you're lacking that chemistry, sex, and intimacy, I can help!

Alternatively, if you're feeling fairly great but want to advance your connection and acquire the skills necessary for success, I've got you covered.

Bring your A game to achieve the finest outcomes possible!!! It will do wonders to completely participate with an open heart and mind. Each session will end with a "homeplay" (like homework, but enjoyable!).  It's amazing how even small adjustments can have a big impact on our daily interactions with our partners.The magic happens when you put new knowledge into practise and establish new patterns, which is GREAT. If you find yourself in a bind between sessions, I'll be here to help you out via email!

My relationship isn't THAT bad... do I need coaching?

Most people come to counselling when they are either heading towards or at a really bad spot but that is not the only reason why couples come to counselling. Some come as they are about to get married and want to be tooled up before they enter into such an amazing union. Others want to strengthen an area, and others overcome infidelity or broken trust. Whatever your reason, I am here for you and would love to help you strengthen your relationships and strengthen your relationship. The possibilities are endless!