Individual Counselling

Life can be challenging, and it occasionally pushes us to the limit. When life gets stressful, therapy might be helpful. 

A loss, an attack of anxiety, a failed romance, or anything more deeply ingrained and private could cause you to find yourself in a challenging emotional circumstance. Without completely knowing the reason behind your emotions, you could feel lonely, angry, depressed, or anxious. You might need a place where you can be heard without being judged. I can give you that room. Together, we will think back on your recent and former encounters in person or online. 

We'll investigate your thought processes, their origins, and how they impact your mind and body. Through our study, we hope to enhance mental and emotional health, which frequently has an impact on physical health. 

I firmly think that everyone has the capacity to recover and lead a contented life with the correct help. 

I work both offline—in my Dartford office—and online.  

According to research, face-to-face counselling and online counselling are both equally beneficial. 

Although it might seem unusual at first, it quickly becomes natural.