Welcome To In-Security Counselling


Hello, how are you? Thank you for viewing my profile. My Name is Kobe and I am a therapist working in Dartford offering face-to-face sessions as well as online, and telephone sessions to those further afield to ensure your personal therapy needs and preferences can be met. 

I believe for counselling to work well for you, it is important to find a therapist you can connect with on a personal level, this is referred to as a therapeutic relationship and is built on a strong foundation of trust and rapport between the client and counsellor. Therapy works best when it is a collaborative process.

I am a pluralistic counsellor/ psychotherapist which means I will look at a variety of models and ways in which I can help and support you best as counselling is not a one-theory-fits- allall approach. Everyone is different and we will work together in a way that is best for you. I offer a professional, ethical non-judgmental, safe and confidential space to enable you to explore and gain an understanding of the situations that may be affecting or surrounding you. In my own personal counselling career experience I have worked with an array of issues and ages working with children in primary and secondary school, colleges, adults and local communities suffering from things such as trauma, abuse, anxiety and depression. 

As a Counsellor I believe that with the right support and empathy, we can all make beneficial changes if they are needed. My sessions are client-led led where I will try to help you find your own solutions & enhance your own personal awareness.

Daily Stuggles

Most of us will struggle with something at one point in our lives, some times this can be an illness or lack of support, others can be triggered by a life-changing event, a relationship breakdown, a loss of career, or maybe a bereavement or a past trauma, all of which can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and leave us struggling with day to day tasks. Sometimes we just need a helping hand, someone to listen to help us process and untangle the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing. I myself know how hard this admission and acknowledgement can be and seeking help is not always easy, however it is out there and I am passionate in helping you achieve your goals in counselling and turning a hard situation around into something more positive!

If you are interested in booking a consultation to get started, please contact me on:

kobe@insecuritycounselling.co.uk or 07583068401